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The Meeker Brothers Investigate

Steven and Shawn Meeker are brothers.
Steven and Shawn Meeker love pop culture.
Steven loves the Power Rangers.
Shawn has no clue what he's about to see.

Join the Meeker Brothers as they investigate 25+ seasons of the iconic Power Rangers franchise to find the weirdest, funniest, and most nostalgic episodes possible and find an answer to a question that has eluded us all: HOW DID THIS SHOW LAST THIS LONG?


Never Have We Ever with Kaylee & Steven

Kaylee and Steven are college friends who wanted to push each other outside their comfort zones.

Every month, they will either do something Kaylee has done but Steven hasn't, something Steven has done but Kaylee hasn't, or something they both haven't done. The activities include baking a pie, going to church, watching pro wrestling, go to a pole dancing class, and so much more.

A joint podcast and YouTube series on, Kaylee and Steven will learn something about themselves, each other, and hopefully open themselves to a new world.