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SMJ's work as a playwright includes full-length, one-acts, and ten minute plays. Their work has been seen and heard at New Light Theater Project Darkroom 13, Access Theater, Williamstown Apprentice Company, Theater for the New City, the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, Otterbein University, Dragon’s Egg Studio, People’s Improv Theater, Theatre at St. Clements, WorkShop Theatres, Kraine Theater, Hudson Guild Theater, Theater 54, and ThePlace@TheWoodward.

SMJ has been a Resident Artist at Access Theater as well as at the Dragon's Egg Studio. They also completed an Independent Writing Residency at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center for At the Barre and an Artistic Residency at the O’Neill for THE COMMAND CENTER. 

SMJ’s playwriting resume can be found here.
SMJ’s work can be found on New Play Exchange.

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ANDTheatre Company, New York City
Marth Brown, Photographer

Red can’t read.
Green isn’t in control.
Pink is caught in the middle.
Blue won’t give an inch.
Yellow is too nice.
Black is talking to a glass tube.

For a month, six women live and train inside an isolated Command Center for a highly-anticipated reboot of a certain 90's children program. In this toxic environment, who will the power protect?

Hudson Guild Theater, New York City
Evan Moore-Coll, Photographer

Stacy & Mia starts like the greatest party of your college life: it’s 3 am in a frat basement, the lights are engulfing you in a cloud of purple-tinted pot smoke, and the alcohol is slamming into your prefrontal cortex so hard that it feels like nothing exists outside of you and the attractive stranger you’re grinding with to “Pony” by Ginuwine on the impossibly sticky floor. But then - the attractive stranger becomes your roommate and that dark, cavernous basement becomes a stark, concrete dorm room. By the time the sun floods through your single window, what started out as non-committal fun has become something emotionally… sticky. When there aren’t even 120 square feet to go around, what could “boundaries” possibly look like? Stacy & Mia asks whether it’s possible not to air your dirty laundry when you’re literally living in it.

At the Barre

Music by sarah flaim

Jewel Box Theater, New York City
Joaquin Silva, Photographer

Catherine is heartbroken over the death of a loved one.
Shawn is scared into silence by the thoughts in their mind.

Catherine, the talented and bisexual principal dancer at a high-level NYC ballet company, and Shawn, a talented and non-binary mime in Times Square, are thrust into each other's lives after an insane audition. In the wake of personal tragedies and lingering doubts, Catherine and Shawn search for their inner beauty and how to make a connection in a cluttered and overly talkative world.

Small Town Icons: A Revenge Play


It's the 4th of July and Sabrina Spellman, Topanga Lawrence, Kimberly Hart, and Kelly Kapowski are rehearsing for a local production of Our Town. Their small town gives them everything they need to thrive. However, their small town threatens to suffocate them after an incident with Sabrina, their bible-praising science teacher, and a branding in the shape of the cross. A revenge play based on two true and insane small town cases, Small Town Icons investigate the toxicity of small town upbringing, the pressures of being a friend's lifeline, and nostalgia's negative effects.

Small Town Icons will be in the Pre-Emerging Artists Festival with the Breaking and Entering Theatre Collective. The performance takes place on December 5, 2019.

Otterbein University
Evan Moore-Coll, Photographer

Abigail is a prisoner who is only free in her mind.
Limbo is the only place she has control.

A group of women crash land on the island called Limbo. Quickly, their fears and morals are put to the test when a charismatic stranger joins their group. Slowly, Abigail’s fantasy world and her reality starts to blur together with terrifying results, threatening to destroy the only place Abigail feels safe.

ThePlace@TheWoodward in Mount Vernon, OH
Jeremy Kester, Photographer

Mr. Jacobs is just trying his best.

Wanting to impress a small Ohio community when he’s hired to take over the drama department at the local high school, Mr. Jacobs holds auditions for Romeo and Juliet. It’s cast, but he must deal with two mean girls trying to get him fired, a love story gone wrong, the typical high school actor, someone potentially using drugs, stage fright, a clumsy stage crew, and a principal who will not accept failure. Oh, and he only has three weeks to do the thing.