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SMJ's work as a playwright includes full-length, one-acts, and ten minute plays. Their work has been seen and heard at New Light Theater Project Darkroom 13, Access Theater, Theater for the New City, the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, Otterbein University, Dragon’s Egg Studio, People’s Improv Theater, Theatre at St. Clements, WorkShop Theatres, Kraine Theater, Hudson Guild Theater, Theater 54, and ThePlace@TheWoodward.

SMJ has been a Resident Artist at Access Theater as well as at the Dragon's Egg Studio. They also completed an Independent Writing Residency at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center for At the Barre and an Artistic Residency at the O’Neill for The Command Center Outside Angel Grove, California. 

SMJ’s work can be found on New Play Exchange.

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ANDTheatre Company, New York City
Marth Brown, Photographer

The Command Center Outside Angel Grove, California

YELLOW: … “May the power protect you.” Isn’t that beautiful? It’s a sentence that’s comfortably vague. You know? Like it doesn’t specify anything, but it means everything. Power means light. I think. “May the light protect you” from the dark: evil, greed, jealousy, all of the seven sins, the ones who ghost, the monsters in your life, the monsters on screen, wastes of space, negativity. We are the light. We are the ones who light the way for others. We serve a higher purpose. OHMYGODBEINGAPOWERRANGERISASERVICEFORTHEGREATERGOOD.

The rest of the Command Center comes to life. Illumination of all possible kinds. .

Jewel Box Theater, New York City
Joaquin Silva, Photographer

At the Barre

Music by sarah flaim

DANI: I stood across from you. Just like this. You were the new girl in the studio. All cute, all quiet.
CATHERINE’S SHADOW SELF: Your smile was the first thing I saw.  
DANI: And I came right up to you and said –
DANI: “It’s so nice to meet you.”

CATHERINE’S INNER SELF: I remember the pulse of electricity that went through me when you took my hand.
DANI: I remember the chills when you said your name.
ALL OF CATHERINE: Hi! I’m Catherine.
DANI: Just like that…

Suddenly, the memory breaks.

Hudson Guild Theater, New York City
Evan Moore-Coll, Photographer

Stacy & Mia

STACY: You don’t realize how awkward hooking up with your roommate is until you actually do it. Picture it with me. You hook up with your drunk roommate, misread social cues, and tell them to fuck off. AND THEN you have to live with them for another MONTH. 31 Days. Every day starts to feel like this.

 A red wash. The sounds of a familiar tango. A tango of awkwardness, hormones, and anger, synced to the beat. Stacy & Mia pull apart the bed and move them back to where they began. Still synched to the beat, they pack their stuff, clean the room, go in and around each other to get their things. They try to steal looks. They try to connect again. Some tenderness through the bull shit. But anger is more powerful than empathy, for now, so they aggressively finish packing for the summer.

Otterbein University
Evan Moore-Coll, Photographer

Not the Truth We Seek

ABIGAIL: You may be asking yourself who I am. The world craves women like me. The world needs women like me. This world…. You have no idea. Women like me… we are the creators. We are the ones who bring hope. We are the ones who bring change. We are the ones who unite the masses and become the fist. And when the fist comes down, it brings change. But they didn’t like that. The world is a scary place. … It’s crazy. The ones who are meant to protect you are the ones you should fear the most.

An abrupt, loud boom. It echoes.

ABIGAIL: My name is Abigail. This is my home.

ThePlace@TheWoodward in Mount Vernon, OH
Jeremy Kester, Photographer

The Average High School Play

MRS. PARKS: I knew it was a risk hiring you. You’re young and doing SHAKESPEARE on your first go? You have so little experience, but you love it so much. … Well, let me tell you, Jacobs … love can only carry you so far, Jacobs. I am not afraid to get new blood in here. Ever since the “The Incident” in 2010, ’11, ’13, ’13, ’14, ’15, ’16, and others, I have had 17 new directors in last ten years. I will not rest until the right person is in the job. Just consider this strike one. Two more and you are out. Is that understood?

Mr. Jacobs nods his head yes.