Steven Meeker Jr.

Invention of theater


June 16-25, 2016

 Director: Melissa Lusher

Otterbein Summer Theatre

Steven Meeker’s deliciously sleazy puppeteer...shades the outlines with real humanity.
— Columbus Underground
A slapstick sequence around imaginary furniture done in double time out of frustration that one character accidentally botched that mythical perfect take, that’s as hard as I’ve ever laughed in a theatre.
— Columbus Underground
The chameleonic three-member cast - actually, four, including one who pops up later - moved persuasively from childlike innocence through false starts to a sophisticated self-awareness.
— Columbus Dispatch
Lusher’s razor-sharp direction balances machine gun pace and surgical precision, aided by Steven Meeker’s choreography and Phil Cunningham’s fight choreography, while still feeling organic and real.
— Columbus Underground