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Entry 9: The Final Countdown to Showcase

"WHAT IS HAPPENING?" - Steven Meeker Jr. (after a crazy day of work, Power Rangers, and sleep deprivation)

It's the final countdown to showcase and lots is happening! Let's give you all a quick rundown! 

Power Rangers
Screw the critics. This movie was INCREDIBLE. Doug, Evan, and I went on opening night with a packed house of smaller children and Power Ranger fan boys. In between the applause from people in theater, an awesome film filled with action, a surprising amount of humor, Bryan Cranston's floating head, a CGI robot voiced by Bill Hader, and teen angst took us on a cool journey that I have been waiting for my whole life: A GENUINELY GOOD POWER RANGERS MOVIE. Even if you're suspect, go see it for RJ Clyer. He is freaking awesome. Also props to the writers for going outside the box and creating a very diverse group of heroes. 

Central Park
Natalie and I stopped by Central Park on a very gray day, but ended up having a great time. We went to three really cool locations. Spector Playground allowed us to walk around a sandbox and swing around. We were able to see the Delacorte Theatre which just takes your breath away due to the sheer size and how much your imagination works to picture seeing shows there. Finally, we saw the Belvedere Castle, which is so pretty and to be honest, makes you wish you were in your own old Disney film.

Vegan Food
Maddy came into town for showcase and she did the impossible: convince me to eat a Vegan Dinner. I had a vegan bacon cheeseburger at Blossom complete with "soy bacon" and "tapioca cheddar cheese." And it was really good. It is still weird to me that brain can totally buy it. Thanks to Maddy for getting me out of my comfort zone! 

Brooklyn Bridge
This was a really cool tourist-y experience for me. The walk was truly beautiful and awe-inspiring. It's always nice to get a nice workout in as well. Natalie took a lot of photos on the walk and I was able to take part of some cool people watching. Afterwards, I saw a new part of Brooklyn and had some great pizza! Good day. 

In Transit
Natalie and I made our way to see the show In Transit. It was very cute and very a cappella. I loved how human it felt and I just had a fun time. That's all you can really ask for at the end of the day. I was smiling the whole time and was absolutely blown away by the Box Man that evening. The sounds coming out of his mouth should not be possible. 

This show was AWESOME! Natalie convinced me to see this show and I was skeptical going in because I didn't know anything other than a overly simplified plot of "married woman has an affair with her gynecologist." When I left, I was blown away by the mixture of physicality, harmonies, a beautiful score, comedy, heartbreak, and Jessie Freakin' Mueller. This is absolutely in my Top 4 things I have seen since coming to New York City. I absolutely recommend this with no hesitation.  

Everything is happening so fast! As I continue to enter more festivals and competitions as a writer, we are currently preparing for two festivals: The Big Apple Theater Festival and Darkroom 13 with the New Light Theater Project! They are happening April 8th and April 13th & 14th respectfully! 

Funny note to end this entry: I lasted a week at Gregory's Coffee. I quit to focus on theater! WOO!