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Entry 8: Getting Things Done


It's been 11 days since my internship has ended.....

I got the honor to view the wonderful Dana Cullinane in the Cranky Cabaret. She was the star and I am in awe of the talent she oozes every single performance. Very proud of a fantastic classmate! 

I really enjoyed my museum trip to Ripley's Believe It or Not! I have been there once before as a young kid in another city (I don't remember where, but alas!). I remember watching the TV show and I believe I even owned a book about the interesting, weird, and fascinating things that are often forgotten about this world. I can't suggest this place enough. Tons of fun!

I finally got to see a performance of All the Fine Boys at the Signature Theatre Center in its closing week. It featured Abigail Breslin, Isabelle Fuhrman, Alex Wolff, and Joe Tipplett, with Isabelle and Alex REALLY standing out. This play was really, really cool with a mixture of teenage comedy, coming-of-age, drama, and scary movie thriller. I give props to writer/director Erica Schmidt for creating an awesome blend of styles and I loved every moment. I can't wait to read the script. 

I finished out the week by acting in my first NYC show! I played Chef Master Tom in a 15-minute parody of children's cooking competition shows called Cool Chefs Jr. written by Matt Cox, the writer of the off-Broadway show Puffs. It was so much fun. I had the most fun as an actor I have had in quite awhile. Thank you to Nat, Ev, Lauren, and Luke for coming on opening night. It means the world to me. 

I also started a job at Gregory's Coffee. Let's see what happens. 

Much love. Continue to kick ass.