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Entry 5: A Wrap Up of a Wild February

WOW. What a month. As you can tell, week 5, 6, 7 are not on here because I have been super busy. Lots of moving parts in the city, mostly good, if not great! But now it's time to catch you up.

I do better with lists, so I will be listing a lot of things. Touching on a lot and giving you a peak into what a crazy month it was! 

- Working hard and working a lot in the office. 
- Lots of scanning, filing, running errands, sending out appointments, and talking to agents, directors, Michael, Alan, who ever. 
- I like responsibilities and I appreciate the challenge of helping the office.
- Thank you to Elizabeth Saltzgiver for those office tasks. They have helped.
- So. Much. Alone. Time. I didn't think this would happen because it is only Michael and I (with the incomparable Alan Filderman, of course), but there have been long stretches where I am holding down the fort by myself. In that time, I have been doing whatever is needed and working on my own writing when there was down time.
- Saw an EPA and another round of auditions. Always important to see that you need to not only be prepared always, but to choose what shows you off in the best light. Also, HAVE FUN.

- More Than/Less Than premieres NEXT Wednesday. SO SO SO SO SO soon. 
- Natalie and Lauren are incredible together. Last night's rehearsal in Shetler was inspiring for me as a writer and it was awesome to see my friends do good work in "the real world."
- Rebecca Schafer is freaking hilarious. Come to the show to see the pajamas.
- Doug has been a great help to have as he helps us set up everything we need and for supplying our cell phone sound. 
- Evan is a great director who didn't brush off a 10-minute play. Instead, he mined it for every bit he could. It's going to be a great show because of his leadership and the incredible performances.
- I have applied for about 5 additional festivals and a residency. We will see what happens soon! 
- Hope to announce another project soon!  

- We had a great weekend of showcase rehearsals and a performance for a great group of alumni. I am glad I got to see some old friends and meet new alums. Keeping in contact with them is going to be super important as the end of internship draws near.
- In all honesty, the showcase performance for alumni was not my best, but we have time. No time to sit and linger about what to do. Just take the notes and move forward. However, I loved performing with my class again and I look forward to the actual performance. It reminds me how much fun performing is...especially with your best friends. 
- Speaking of friends....great times have been had with a few of my great friends from the O'Neill: David and Emma, as well as seeing Olivia Crawford and Jordan in the city. It is also great to spend the night over at Natalie, Evan, and Doug's apartment. Great times with great people keep you from feeling too lonely. 
- Saw the incredible production of If I Forget (twice) at Roundabout Theatre, once with Doug and once with Mark Snyder. Thank you Mark for your incredible advice. It really makes a difference to have an alumnus you can talk to about writing. If I Forget may be my favorite thing I have seen here.
- Giving If I Forget competition would be the awesome production of Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812, which I saw with Jordan. Great music. Great performances. Great dancing. Lots of fun. 
- Other notable productions:  Reduced Shakespeare Company's William Shakespeare's Long Lost First Play, NY City Center's Ring Twice for Miranda, The Dork Knight, and UCB.

- In case you didn't know, I went back to Otterbein for three days to surprise Sally Clark and see all my friends and family. 
- Sally, that was payback for the summer.
- It was awesome to eat breakfast with my dad and Stephanie, as well as Sally, my brother Shawn, and his girlfriend Michelle. 
- I was finally able to see Top Girls, which was well-worth the hype. Not sure if I enjoyed the script as much as the performances. Holy shit. My hat goes off to Daria, Kaylee, Grace, Lauren, Sally, Kara, and Isabel for a FANTASTIC show. Watching your progress from where you started to now was excellent and an honor. Thank you for being great friends to me and for spreading a whole lot of light on that stage. 
- Shoutout to Chris Smith for the rides to and from the airport and for being an amazing friend. Keep writing buddy.
- Kunkel, don't stop making work. Take every comment with a grain of salt and just keep doing it. It is too important and I am proud of you for doing it. 
- Matt Gittins is an AWESOME songwriter. Be on the lookout for him.