Playwright - Educator - Mime - Theatermaker


Week 1 - Internship, UCB, NTTWS, and FINALLY....ANOTHER MIME


Coming at you from the greatest place on earth: Drama Book Shop!

Growing up in small town Ohio, I honestly thought that I would hate New York City. I am a little paranoid about safety and I love Ohio. However, just spending time with the people here and starting to get used to everything, I like it here.

Also. I live in a rectory in Brooklyn. Father Perry is amazing. I am so honored for the opportunity to live here in such a supportive community. Thank you to Sean, Anthony, and Rebecca for helping me with this transition! 

QUICK SHOUTOUT TO DANIEL KUNKEL, EMMA SHINE, AND ALYSSA SAMUELSON! They are doing incredible work with my new 10-minute play More Than/Less Than for this year's Festival at Otterbein University! I can't wait to see the next run later this week! 

ANOTHER SHOUTOUT TO JORDAN DONICA, NATALIE SZCZERBA, EVAN MOORE-COLL, LAYNE ROATE, and REBECCA SCHAFER for being awesome and greeting me and hanging during my first night. Also...thank you for letting me pass out on the floor after being up for 38 straight hours! 

Here's just a brief overview of my first week in the big city!


Michael is an incredible boss. After a day of working in the office (filing, scheduling, printing, copying, highlighting, and scanning), we immediately had three straight days in auditions with Tantrum Theater located in Dublin, Ohio. I got the opportunity to view auditions for both plays and a musical, be the reader for a morning, and got to hear some casting conversations. I also got to see many rooms inside of Pearl Studios and hear the sounds of various other auditions, rehearsals, and classes. I also got the opportunity to be the reader for auditions for a production that will be produced at the Sheen Center! Getting the opportunity to talk to Michael to and from auditions is amazing. I am honored to have the opportunity to work for such an amazing professional. I am thankful for the opportunity to keep learning more about the craft of acting, learning about casting, and just see what it takes to make it in the business, first-hand. I look forward to the next couple of months in the office! These the seven most important things I saw in the room this week: 

1. Say thank you.
2. Know the scene. Know the play. Know your objectives.
3. Make sure your headshot looks like you.
4. Be yourself. 
5. Go for it on the first try. Give your all. 
6. Know who is in the room. 
7. ALWAYS REMEMBER: You may be the best actor they see, but you may not get cast because of reasons that have nothing to do with your audition. Never get discouraged and keep going. 


I had the opportunity to see GREAT improv at UCB twice this week due to really affordable tickets. Evan and I sat front row at Frank the Snitch on January 2nd and I was able to catch up with Kayla Walsh and watch another one of their weekly shows, GOAT, later in the week. After two solid hours of improv, I came away with three takeaways: 

1. We all need comedy in our lives right now. 
2. Good improv is SO good.
3. If you thought Mainstage Improv's long form was weird....go see UCB. 


Sunday morning at 10am, I walked into the June Havoc Theater and had the honor of watching the awesome Bill Bowers perform an excerpt from his newest solo piece, All Over the Map. During which, he told stories through text and mime about his life on the road. Before and after the performance, I had the opportunity to talk to Bill and mentioned my connections to Michael and my mime instructor, Rick Wamer. I look forward to talking with him more about mime, choreography, and performance. Watching his work took me back to my first year of mime training where I was in awe of the magic of mime. I hope to create magic just like him. 


In addition to writing my (already 37 page) thesis to complete the Distinction process, I have been so inspired by the city that I am pursuing a way to produce Not the Truth We Seek in the city! I have been working on smaller edits and adding a 10-15 minute movement sequence to fully complete the play. After it's done within the next few days, I will be sending out proposals to a few theater companies and festivals! Wish me luck!

Afterwards, I will start on a new writing project. Hint: A musical version of a movie that's based on an old book. 


Last semester, I didn't sleep. 
I am actually going to bed at a decent hour and because of that, I am hitting my creative stride again, feeling good, eating a little better, and knowing it is okay to let my brain relax. Relaxing isn't a bad thing. 

Much love to everyone!

Continue to kick ass!