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Week 2: Internship, Oh Hello!, La La Land, Friends, New Work, and Submissions

This week was a busy one. In the span of a week, I did the following: 
1. Was a reader for an audition
2. Was straddled by an actor at said audition
3. Ran into two of my friends from The O'Neill and FaceTimed a third
4. Saw a run of my play in Festival as well as heard an amazing song that was recorded for it
5. Hung out with my best friends at their apartment
6. Saw a few more Otterbein alumni
7. Stage doored Jordan at Phantom twice because we could
8. Saw a Broadway play
9. Saw an Off-Broadway musical
10. Saw a production at The Tank
11. Saw Project Playwright through the Sanguine Theater Company at SoHo Playhouse
12. Submitted my first play to a theater company
13. Saw La La Land in an awesome movie theater
14. Had Shake Shack for the first time. 
15. Sorted many files and headshots
16. Finally had a street hotdog
17. Watched awesome wrestling on the WWE Network
18. Fell more in love with my awesome girlfriend

For the first time since the first day of internship, I actually spent time in the office. I was entrusted with answering phones, making reader sides, copying, making schedules, sending out appointments, uploading self-tapes, and scanning all in this week. The office is really busy, but it is great to know that I am making a positive contribution by helping Michael out. The two most valuable things that I did this week were drastically different. Firstly, I was the reader for auditions of 9 Circles at the Sheen Center. I found myself being a part of some intense readings as I was only 4 feet away from everyone who was auditioning. In the middle of callbacks, an actor decided that it would be a good idea to straddle me as a tactic. I couldn't move, so it happened, then we quickly finished the scene. It was very weird because he was so charming (British) that I immediately forgot that it happened by the end of auditions and thought he was great. The second most valuable task I got was actually a two part process. I was able to witness my first showcase and I had to take notes about who could be good fits for a project we are casting for. After giving my opinions, I was given a long list of names and tasked with studying all of their resumes and head shots and take notes on their look and special skills. From that, we would use the information to decide the best people to call in for auditions. It was very interesting to see what choices work in the room. It was very important to know that you need to check the casting breakdown multiple times to make sure you are a good fit. 

OH, HELLO! (on Broadway)
Early on Sunday morning, my classmate Lauren and I rushed Oh, Hello! as it quickly approaches its closing night on Broadway. Unfortunately, we didn't get any rush tickets, but we were able to get affordable tickets and we sat front row of the balcony. John Mulaney and Nick Kroll were on fire that evening, perfectly blending their many scripted jokes with off-the-cuff banter and improvised quips at certain members of the audience like telling a person to turn off their phones, telling a couple that bringing their children to the show was a bad idea, and telling a pair of latecomers that they hope "getting high on 40th was worth it". Highlights included their Nightmare Ballet, the tour of their apartment, and an unscripted moment where Nick Kroll rolled completely off the stage and fell into the first row, seemingly hurting his wrist which became a joke for the rest of the show. One of the funniest nights I have had in a long time.
A DOG STORY (Off-Broadway)
Natalie and I were able to see the next-to-last performance of the Off-Broadway musical, A Dog Story. The premise was simply that a businessman wants to get married, so he can become a partner at his law firm. His best friend, Guy, suggests getting a dog to attract women in perhaps the catchiest song ever ("Get a Dog"). My biggest highlight is them using a mimed dog. Natalie's highlight? The actual dog that came out. Well...he was cute. Be sure to ask us about the dominantrix scene. 
ReconFIGUREd (Honest Accomplice Theatre at The Tank)
Evan and I are submitting a play to The Tank, so he found out about this show and I tagged along. Honest Accomplice's mission centers around having a dialogue based around acceptance about women and trans people. This production was a series of vignettes that discussed issues with women and trans bodies. It was at its most effective during its movement pieces including the heartbreaking piece, "Babies Everywhere." 
PROJECT PLAYWRIGHT (Sanguine Theatre Company at SoHo Playhouse)
Doug and I went to SoHo Playhouse to see the 7th Annual Project Playwright Festival (THANKS KAILA HILL!) which featured four 20-minute excerpts of brand new plays. After viewing the excerpts, we got to vote which one got a full production during Sanguine's season! Two plays were about the apocalypse, one was about race relations, and the winner dealt with moral issues regarding A.I. It was an amazing night as I got to see first hand that there are companies pushing and championing new work. I saw an actor I read with in one of the excerpts. Small world.
Three bros went to see La La Land. I freaking loved it. I loved the dancing, the score, the acting (EMMA FREAKING STONE), the magic, the movement piece towards the end, and I really liked the ending. I felt like a kid watching it. I just got excited to keep telling stories. The Three Amigbros (Doug, Evan, and myself) will probably not see another movie until Power Rangers. Here's hoping Power Rangers is just as good. 
I saw two O'Neill friends this week! First, I saw my wonderful director friend, Talia, in a coffee shop by the Sheen Center. It was awesome getting to catch up with her. She is going to kick ass with her gig at La Mama and fingers crossed, we could be working together soon! Finally, I saw one of my favorite writers, Emma, at the Davenport Theatre while she was working concessions for A Dog Story! It was such an unexpected surprise and we will screamed with excitement. The world is truly small. 

So. Yeah. Thanks to Kaila Hill, I met the producer of a company and the producer told me to send her Not the Truth We Seek and she will personally read it. I submitted it on Tuesday and I couldn't be more excited and nervous. I am going to start sending it to a few more contacts here in the city and Columbus, as well as a few other places. Fingers crossed that something cool happens. 

Sally: You know why you get a shoutout. Keep being the greatest. 
Jobe, Elizabeth N., and Chris: Thank you for the calls and thank you for your friendship.
Shawn: Thank you for the reviews on the WWE U.K. Championship Tournament matches.
Ben: Thank you for taking care of the troupe. 
Kunkel, Shine, & Alyssa: Thank you for taking care of More Than/Less Than
The Bells & Dad, Stephanie, and Mom: Thank you for your support. 
Matt: We are going to write one hell of a musical. 
Crawford and Crago: I miss you. Thank you for your friendship and encouragement. 
Jordan: Keep kicking ass. 
Abigail: You are the freaking best. 
Maggie & Jeremy: Keep your head up. Keep being amazing human beings. 
Company of Festival: BREAK EVERY LEG! It's going to be an amazing couple of nights.

Until the next entry...

Much love and continue to kick ass.