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A New Troupe is Coming...

Poster by Nikki Solomon

It's a busy week for the Department of Theatre and Dance at Otterbein University. In the midst of master classes from Pat Chan and the National Theater Institute (WOO!), closing and striking The Addams Family, the annual Common Hour about pitching suggestions for next season, and rehearsals for Distinction and Drag Show, Mainstage Improv takes a very important step this week.

Tonight, we hold auditions for the troupe and it's always fun to laugh with a great group of people and just play games. After the auditions, we will call people back next week and do long form with them. After that, we have new members. At the end of the semester, Luke and I will be leaving the troupe for internship and at the end of the year, two more seniors will be gone. With that, a link to the original troupe is gone and Mainstage Improv will once again reinvent itself to what works best for them. It's an exciting time that will need to be filled with patience, fun, and more shows to figure it all out. 

Saturday, October 1st is our illegal Family Weekend show at 5:15pm in the Riley Auditorium in Battelle! We are rating it PG...unless families don't show up. We are doing games and long form, so join us again! If you can't, another show is coming up soon on October 23rd


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