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60 Pages in Two Rehearsals

Poster Design by Ben Folts

In only two short rehearsals, my cast of 14 women, my assistants, my stage manager and I have blocked all 60 pages of my new play, Not the Truth We Seek, based on the work of WWE character Bray Wyatt, Lord of the Flies, and Charles Mee. It's going by really quick. We will have the confirmation about its status as a Distinction Project for graduation by the end of the week or the beginning of next week. We are moving forward in big ways over the next two weeks: meetings with faculty, individual meetings with actors to discuss characters, blocking adjustments, meetings with designers, first round of advertisements, and it all leads up to our first run of the show on October 2nd. 

Of course, some doubts start to creep in as a creator. Are they standing around too much? Is that how people actually talk to each other? Will my dad like this? But there is plenty of time. There is always time enough, as Coach would say. 

No matter what, the premiere is December 1st in the Pit. More updates to come!