Steven Meeker Jr.

Winter 2019

From January until April 14, I am living in Ohio and doing a number of projects before moving back to a brand new apartment in New York City!

- Dramaturg for the spring production at Otterbein University (Christina Kirk, Director). The production runs from March 28-31 and April 4-6, 2019.
- Choreographer for the Ohio Thespians’ All-Ohio production of Carrie: The Musical (Luke Bovenizer, Director). The production runs from March 29-30, 2019.
Movement Coach for Westerville South High School’s production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time (Matthew Wolfe, Director). The production runs from January 31-February 3, 2019.
- Movement Coach for Highland High School’s production of Alice in Muppetland (Joseph Bell, Director). The production runs from March 22-23, 2019.
- Director for the first staged reading of Matthew Gittins’ new musical You Go On at Otterbein University. Tony Award Nominee Andrew Lippa serves as advisor to Matt. The reading will feature students from Otterbein University’s Department of Theatre & Dance. The reading of You Go On is April 14, 2019 at 3:00pm in the Pit Theater at Otterbein University.
- New drafts of The Command Center Outside Angel Grove, California working with Esther M. Cohen and Jordan Donica.
- Writer of Alizae Powell’s monologue (Melisa Annis, director) for Pussyfest VI: You Can’t Destroy Pussyfest in New York City. This year’s festival is January 22 at 8pm at Town Stages.

#ThePowerRangersPlay - October 30th

My play The Command Center Outside Angel Grove, California is receiving a 2-day workshop with ANDTheatre Company and will be directed by the incredibly talented Esther M. Cohen.

The play takes audiences inside a training bootcamp for an all-female reboot of The Power Rangers. It’s an ensemble-driven mix of campy nostalgia, LGBTQIA+ positivity, and big questions about who gets to own our collective culture.

More details below. I would love to see you there.

ANDTheatre Company’s Works in Progress presents   THE COMMAND CENTER OUTSIDE ANGEL GROVE, CALIFORNIA   October 30th, 2018 @ 7 PM  Theatre 54 at Shetler Studios, 244 W. 54th St., Floor 12  Written by  SMJ   Directed by  Esther M. Cohen   Produced by  Rebecca Schafer and Kevin Thiel   Featuring  EmJ Nelson, Dana Cullinane, Nina Roy, Kate Berg, Ren Dara Santiago, Katie Langham, Alizae Powell,  and  Evan Moore-Coll

ANDTheatre Company’s Works in Progress presents


October 30th, 2018 @ 7 PM

Theatre 54 at Shetler Studios, 244 W. 54th St., Floor 12

Written by SMJ

Directed by Esther M. Cohen

Produced by Rebecca Schafer and Kevin Thiel

Featuring EmJ Nelson, Dana Cullinane, Nina Roy, Kate Berg, Ren Dara Santiago, Katie Langham, Alizae Powell, and Evan Moore-Coll

New Pages - June 2018

#6 - The Command Center Outside of Angel Grove, California

The Command Center Outside of Angel Grove, California  had its first open reading at Blue Gene's Pub at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center on June 1, 2018. The reading featured (L-R) Jenna Doherty (Stage Directions), Alizae Powell (Blue), Lilly Sheridan (Black), Danielle Phillips (Red), Dani Schlenker (Yellow), Talia Frank-Stempel (Green), and Lydia Faith (Pink).  

The Command Center Outside of Angel Grove, California had its first open reading at Blue Gene's Pub at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center on June 1, 2018. The reading featured (L-R) Jenna Doherty (Stage Directions), Alizae Powell (Blue), Lilly Sheridan (Black), Danielle Phillips (Red), Dani Schlenker (Yellow), Talia Frank-Stempel (Green), and Lydia Faith (Pink).  

12 for 12 at 12 - April/May 2018


This is a little late for both months, but oh well! 

I have been working hard on At the Barre (first reading on May 21st!) as well as a brand-new play. This new play will have its first full draft by tomorrow. The first 18 pages of it were heard by the National Theater Institute students from the Spring 2018 semester just last week. 

A Play about a Bunch of People Getting Upset about Women Playing Power Rangers, was born out of YouTube comments towards the female casts of Ghostbusters and Ocean's Eight, as well as a response to the casting breakdown released for the new Power Rangers season, Power Rangers Beast Morphers. The play focuses on six women who are cast as the original six Power Rangers in an updated reboot of the 1993-1995 classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and people REALLY not being okay with that. Over the span of one month, this group of women come together, learn how to fight bad guys, try to figure out what average bodies look like, and eat a ton of Little Debbie's snacks. 

I hope you enjoy a snippet of something wildly different.

May the Power protect you...


At the Barre is part of the Scratch Night at Theater for the New City

On Monday, May 21st, Scratch Night at Theater for the New City will host the first open reading of At the Barre!

The reading will be in the Cino Theater at Theater for the New City at 7pm on the 21st. The reading will be directed by Allison Acuff. There will be a $5 suggested donation.

Crystal Field and Theater for the New City (TNC) presents a varied schedule "Scratch Night” performance program, which offers the opportunity for artists to present work in progress to an audience for one night. Scratch Night started in the United Kingdom in 2000 to show work in progress in an evolution of performances. Theater for the New City was the first theater in America to do Scratch Night. Scratch Night looks for a variety of the most daring artists to try out their coolest thoughts on stage and the audience will help in the development by way of TNC’s scratch ballot.

We hope to see you there! 

Design by Benjamin Folts

At the Barre
Book and Lyrics by Steven Meeker Jr.
Music by Sarah Flaim
At the Barre is a musical in two acts that combines musical theater with mime, ballet, stage combat, clown, contemporary dance, and indie pop music. Catherine, a talented principal dancer at ABT with the weight of the world on her shoulders, and Shawn, a non-binary, overweight mime with self-esteem issues, are thrust into each other’s lives after an insane audition. Navigating the format of a Golden Age love story, At the Barre focuses on how one finds their beauty, finds peace within themselves, and finds a genuine connection in a cluttered and overly talkative world.

12 for 12 at 12 - March 2018

#3 - An Excerpt from At the Barre (End of Act One)

I am incredibly excited as today is my first official day as a Resident Artist for Access Theater in New York City! Over the last month, I have had an opportunity to work with an incredible director, Alli Acuff, as well as amazing actors/singers/songwriters, Alex Becker and Anne-Marie Pietersma, on this section from the musical. We recorded some demos, did a full table reading of the show, and worked on a staged reading of the scene. I'm incredibly proud of and eternally grateful for their work.  I can't wait to share some songs and some more news/work with you soon! 

I hope you enjoy this next excerpt from At the Barre!

12 for 12 at 12 - February 2018

#2 - An Excerpt from At the Barre (Act Two)

Welcome back to month #2 of 12 for 12 at 12 (12 plays for 12 months with one excerpt released at 12pm on the first of every month). 

In an exciting update, I will have my first residency starting on February 4th! I will have an Independent Writing Residency at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center for the next two weeks. I will be focusing on developing scenes between the two main characters of At the Barre. For this month's entry, the first 11 pages of Act Two of At the Barre!

About At the Barre: Catherine, a talented principal dancer at ABT with the weight of the world on her shoulders, and Shawn, a non-binary, overweight mime with gender identity and self-esteem concerns, as well as their Inner Selves, are thrust into each other’s lives after an insane audition. Navigating the format of a Golden Age love story injected with mime, ballet, combat, and slapstick, At the Barre focuses on how one finds their beauty and finds a genuine connection in a cluttered and overly talkative world. 

12 for 12 at 12 - January 2018

#1 - An Excerpt from At the Barre (Act One)

Happy New Year! I hope you are having a great start to this very new year. I am dedicating my energy on writing and performing mime for the next year. With my first residency coming up in less than two months and a resolution to open myself up, I am starting a series of writing samples on my website called 12 for 12 at 12 (12 plays for 12 months with one excerpt released at 12pm on the first of every month). 

Up first is an excerpt of Act One from my mime musical that is being developed further in residency at the Access Theater in NYC, At the Barre. Catherine, a talented principal dancer at ABT with the weight of the world on her shoulders, and Shawn, a non-binary, overweight mime with gender identity and self-esteem concerns, as well as their Inner Selves, are thrust into each other’s lives after an insane audition. Navigating the format of a Golden Age love story injected with mime, ballet, combat, and slapstick, At the Barre focuses on how one finds their beauty and finds a genuine connection in a cluttered and overly talkative world. 

If you have any feedback or are interested in this show, leave a comment below or shoot me an email/message/text. 

Thank you, much love, and see you February 1st!  

The Kitchen Appliances: Summer of 2017

It's an exciting first summer for Evan and I. We are working on three different festivals this summer with three different pieces: a 15-minute one-act, a mime show, and a full-length. We are so incredibly thankful for all of the wonderful people we get the opportunity to work with. 

Scroll down for more information! 

Poster by Ben Folts

FESTIVAL: The Strawberry One-Act Festival sponsored by the Riant Theatre
SHOW: Battle Lines, the next play in the Stacy and Mia cycle, is a 15-minute one act comedy exploring all the serious questions that you have two weeks into a relationship. 
WHO'S IN IT: Lauren Kent (Stacy), Samantha Prentice (Mia), Rebecca Schafer (Assistant Director), and Doug Reitsma (Tech Crew)
DATES: July 13th at 7pm, July 16th at 3pm, July 19th at 7pm, and July 22nd at 5pm. 
We are kicking off the festival as the very first piece!
LOCATION: The Theatre at St. Clement's (423 W. 46th Street)
TICKETS: $25 Online & $27 at the Box Office
Premium Seats: $30 Online & $35 at the Box Office / Box Office: (646) 623-3488

Poster by Ben Folts

FESTIVAL: Midtown International Theater Festival
SHOW: At the Barre is the story of Catherine, a talented ballerina, and Shawn, an overweight mime, share a love of ballet and secrets that in the span of one crazy day will change their lives forever.
WHO'S IN IT: Olivia Crawford (Catherine), Brittany Baltay (Ensemble), Jessica Toltzis (Ensemble), Doug Reitsma (Ensemble), and Steven Meeker Jr. (Shawn)
DATES: August 5th at 8:15pm
LOCATION: Jewel Box Theater (312 W. 36th Street)
TICKETS: $20 General Admission or $18 with the discount code FRIENDSFAMILY

Poster by Ben Folts

FESTIVAL: NYSummerfest 2017
SHOW: Stacy and Mia: Finally learning each other's name at a party, Stacy and Mia pursue a relationship. With the end of the year quickly approaching, they are forced to question what dating in college means and how much they're willing to give to someone else. Based on the playwright's re-imagining of his relationship with his girlfriend,  Stacy and Mia is equal parts funny and frustrating. 
WHO'S IN IT: Tori Hidalgo (Stacy), Asel Swango (Mia), Brittany Baltay (Lily), Rebecca Schafer (Assistant Director), and Doug Reitsma (Tech Crew)
DATES: August 31st at 9pm, September 2nd at 1pm, and September 3rd at 6pm
LOCATION: The Hudson Guild Theatre (441 W. 26th Street)
TICKETS: $23 General Admission

Entry 9: The Final Countdown to Showcase

"WHAT IS HAPPENING?" - Steven Meeker Jr. (after a crazy day of work, Power Rangers, and sleep deprivation)

It's the final countdown to showcase and lots is happening! Let's give you all a quick rundown! 

Power Rangers
Screw the critics. This movie was INCREDIBLE. Doug, Evan, and I went on opening night with a packed house of smaller children and Power Ranger fan boys. In between the applause from people in theater, an awesome film filled with action, a surprising amount of humor, Bryan Cranston's floating head, a CGI robot voiced by Bill Hader, and teen angst took us on a cool journey that I have been waiting for my whole life: A GENUINELY GOOD POWER RANGERS MOVIE. Even if you're suspect, go see it for RJ Clyer. He is freaking awesome. Also props to the writers for going outside the box and creating a very diverse group of heroes. 

Central Park
Natalie and I stopped by Central Park on a very gray day, but ended up having a great time. We went to three really cool locations. Spector Playground allowed us to walk around a sandbox and swing around. We were able to see the Delacorte Theatre which just takes your breath away due to the sheer size and how much your imagination works to picture seeing shows there. Finally, we saw the Belvedere Castle, which is so pretty and to be honest, makes you wish you were in your own old Disney film.

Vegan Food
Maddy came into town for showcase and she did the impossible: convince me to eat a Vegan Dinner. I had a vegan bacon cheeseburger at Blossom complete with "soy bacon" and "tapioca cheddar cheese." And it was really good. It is still weird to me that brain can totally buy it. Thanks to Maddy for getting me out of my comfort zone! 

Brooklyn Bridge
This was a really cool tourist-y experience for me. The walk was truly beautiful and awe-inspiring. It's always nice to get a nice workout in as well. Natalie took a lot of photos on the walk and I was able to take part of some cool people watching. Afterwards, I saw a new part of Brooklyn and had some great pizza! Good day. 

In Transit
Natalie and I made our way to see the show In Transit. It was very cute and very a cappella. I loved how human it felt and I just had a fun time. That's all you can really ask for at the end of the day. I was smiling the whole time and was absolutely blown away by the Box Man that evening. The sounds coming out of his mouth should not be possible. 

This show was AWESOME! Natalie convinced me to see this show and I was skeptical going in because I didn't know anything other than a overly simplified plot of "married woman has an affair with her gynecologist." When I left, I was blown away by the mixture of physicality, harmonies, a beautiful score, comedy, heartbreak, and Jessie Freakin' Mueller. This is absolutely in my Top 4 things I have seen since coming to New York City. I absolutely recommend this with no hesitation.  

Everything is happening so fast! As I continue to enter more festivals and competitions as a writer, we are currently preparing for two festivals: The Big Apple Theater Festival and Darkroom 13 with the New Light Theater Project! They are happening April 8th and April 13th & 14th respectfully! 

Funny note to end this entry: I lasted a week at Gregory's Coffee. I quit to focus on theater! WOO!  

Entry 10: Showcase

Thank you.

I could talk about my experience with showcase for a full blog. I sang. I never thought I would have the courage to get up in front of a crowd in New York City and sing a song. But I did. And I actually felt good about it. There are a couple different things in the works from showcase and I am excited to share more about that in the future. 

But since it is my last blog for the internship period of my life, I wanted to take this time to thank each and everyone of my classmates for the last four years. The past four years for me has been an incredible time of stress, excitement, frustration, and discovery. I have found a consistent family in 12 other people. I want to take this time to highlight every single person in the Class of 2017.

Evan Moore-Coll  
Everyone knows that you and I have been connected at the hip since nearly day one, but they don't know how true this friendship is. You are not only my best friend, my classmate, my partner-in-crime, and my go-to director. You are my brother. We have gotten each other through a lot of stuff, but no matter what, we keep each other upbeat and ready to go. I will never forget the moments we finally got to do scenes together because working with you was the most fun I have ever had as an actor. Thank you, my friend. 

Asel Swango 
I have told you numerous times that you are the greatest dance partner I can ask for. Equal parts fearless, funny, and sincere, you know how to make the most out of any scene or dance that is given to you. You float, Asel. You have made me a better choreographer because I want to keep creating things to showcase you. You never cease to bring your wonderful self into every single monologue, scene, song, and dance. It's an honor to know you. Thank you for making me better. Thank you for being my friend.

Connor Allston 
What is certainly a joke by now is my unending love for your rendition of Adele's "Turning Tables."  But it was one of those rare moments that you can directly look into an actor's soul. You were incredible and still are. It was an honor to see your journey in acting class and with it all culminating with John Proctor. It was one of the greatest moments of my life to share the stage with you in one of my favorite plays as you completely immersed yourself. Also. You're a nerd. One of the coolest nerds I have ever met. Thank you for sharing all of your comic book knowledge and geeking out over Batman and Power Rangers with me. 

Madelyn Loehr
MADDY! It was incredible to see you for showcase! Thank you for getting me to try vegan food because I really enjoyed it. Watching your grow over the past four years has been one of the coolest things. You were absolutely breathtaking as Elizabeth Proctor and it was an honor to share the stage with you every single night as you shined. Your showcase package was so incredibly fun, natural, and Maddy. You are going to be a TV/Film star and I am so excited to say "I know her!" Onward to awesome things, you yogi queen! 

Alex Armesto
I miss you, man. You are an incredible theater maker. Your high energy, passion, and talent never ceases to inspire, confuse, and push me. I have enjoyed every moment of improv scenes because who knows what you are going to do next and you are so goddamn funny (it's not fair). It's an honor to see your work and to pick your brain about where theater is heading. Don't forget that we still have to create our two-man comedy special. I have been thinking about it a lot. Get here soon, man. You are going to change the face of theater. 

David Buergler
A wonderful human being with a wonderful voice. You saw how each and every one of us are awestruck anytime you sang. Ghost bumps, my friend. You are going to make waves, not only vocally, but you are going to be an amazing teacher to the next three generations of theater artists. Those kids are going to get the greatest education from one of the most generous human beings. I am so proud of you. I will always remember that baseball scene from Freshman year. So much love. 

Jenna Miller
One of my favorite moments of showcase is the strut up those stairs and then giving no f**** for a minute and ten seconds as you did a piece that means a lot to many people and YOU JUST HAD FUN. That's all we can ask for. That's the thing I love the most about you. No matter what, you always find the joy behind the material. I loved doing that scene from Suburbia and I loved seeing the growth in your voice throughout our years in college. Keep having fun. Theater needs that more than anything right now.

Aubree Tally
You were the first voice I heard from this class after the phone calls were made. Your interpretation of "Shake it Out" was so beloved in Ev and I's room and it meant the world to me to get your blessing to use it as my drag show swan song. You are incredibly versatile and I cannot imagine anyone else playing every role that you have done. You are an absolute delight of a person. You are one of my favorite people to see because hanging out with you is always a fun time. You are so undeniably you. Your comfort in your own skin has always inspired me. Thank you, Aubree. 

Luke Stewart
Ah. My drag sister who continuously sings the highest of notes. You are an incomparable force of vocal prowess. You and I have always had a strong connection. I will never forget so many moments with you: The Crucible before freshman year, the Friendly's dinner afterwards, that first night in my dorm room, our rehearsals for our Drag debut, watching your growth in studios, and finally sharing a hug after our swan songs and just talking in the apartment afterwards. Now I am thankful for these long talks we get to have in the rectory. I am glad to have you in my life. You are going to have a fantastic career and a fantastic life.

Dana Cullinane 
You are a terrific human being with a giant heart, a huge voice, and a visionary mind. I am continously shocked by every single performance you give. Your genuine warmth as a person is so incredible. Your laser focus is awesome to watch. Every choice you make feels fresh and exciting. THAT VOICE. I have been always appreciated every wacky moment of your friendship, Dana. You are one of the most caring people I have ever met. You want the best for every single person. In return, I want the absolute best for you. You are going to be a star. No doubt in my mind. 

Lauren Kent 
You were my first friend at Otterbein. You are an incredible soul that continues to show me what true strength is. I have told you before that you are going to be the person that people will want to build shows around. You can handle anything from a serious and brooding teenager to a quirky college girl to a woman with wisdom way beyond her years. You are such an amazing collaborator, choreographer, singer, dancer, actor, human being, and friend. I am so thankful for your constant friendship, your jokes, and I am so so so excited to see what you accomplish in your life.

Natalie Szczerba
Wow. You are a fantastic light in this world. Your talent, grace, and humility is a constant source of inspiration. What can I possibly say? You are one of the greatest people I have met and I am so glad you are in my life. You pushed me more than anyone to sing. There are so many incredible moments that we have shared and it all started because you were the first classmate I talked to. I will never forget that awesome summer of OST and seeing you absolutely own the stage during The Fantasticks. You have been continuosly growing in every single role and I will never forget your turn as Marian in The Music Man. The person that I saw during Showcase was a confident and self-assured woman who had worked her ass off to get there. I am so freaking proud of you. 


We move on to life as professionals. Coach used to say that we need to change the American theater. There is no other group of people I trust more to do that than this wonderful group of people. 

So to the BFA class of 2017, 

Much love and kick ass. 



Entry 8: Getting Things Done


It's been 11 days since my internship has ended.....

I got the honor to view the wonderful Dana Cullinane in the Cranky Cabaret. She was the star and I am in awe of the talent she oozes every single performance. Very proud of a fantastic classmate! 

I really enjoyed my museum trip to Ripley's Believe It or Not! I have been there once before as a young kid in another city (I don't remember where, but alas!). I remember watching the TV show and I believe I even owned a book about the interesting, weird, and fascinating things that are often forgotten about this world. I can't suggest this place enough. Tons of fun!

I finally got to see a performance of All the Fine Boys at the Signature Theatre Center in its closing week. It featured Abigail Breslin, Isabelle Fuhrman, Alex Wolff, and Joe Tipplett, with Isabelle and Alex REALLY standing out. This play was really, really cool with a mixture of teenage comedy, coming-of-age, drama, and scary movie thriller. I give props to writer/director Erica Schmidt for creating an awesome blend of styles and I loved every moment. I can't wait to read the script. 

I finished out the week by acting in my first NYC show! I played Chef Master Tom in a 15-minute parody of children's cooking competition shows called Cool Chefs Jr. written by Matt Cox, the writer of the off-Broadway show Puffs. It was so much fun. I had the most fun as an actor I have had in quite awhile. Thank you to Nat, Ev, Lauren, and Luke for coming on opening night. It means the world to me. 

I also started a job at Gregory's Coffee. Let's see what happens. 

Much love. Continue to kick ass. 


Entry 7: The End of Internship

A Big Thank You to Michael Cassara Casting

On March 10th, I ended my internship with Michael Cassara Casting after ten fast-paced weeks including extensive scanning, filing, running errands, making schedules, sending out appointments, answering phone calls, taking messages, helping set up auditions, watching auditions, being the reader for auditions, watching EPAs, watching showcases, and meeting a plethora of really awesome directors, producers, actors, singers, and the list goes on and on. 

The last week included working with Jamie (who returned), Michael's newly-coined "Shake Shack Wednesday," viewing three showcases, viewing parts of an EPA, making my first ever trek to Astoria, helping train the next intern (Sam, an awesome person), and finally getting a hug before I left! All-in-all, a remarkable time. 

Michael, thank you for everything you have done. You have given me the opportunity to get a glimpse into the world of theater and casting. More importantly, you have made this transition into the city so much smoother than I could ever imagine. Thank you for coming to see the show at Manhattan Rep. Thank you for everything you have done for me and Otterbein. Thank you.

The team: Michael, Jamie, and I.

Entry 6: New Festivals and More Fun Times


Amazing things are happening in the city right now. My internship with Michael Cassara Casting wraps up this Friday after a week of working in the office, seeing a showcase or two, and a final EPA day. It's hard to believe that ten weeks have already passed at the office, but hey, lots of great lessons and great times. However, the schedule is filling up super quickly and I am excited that I can finally announce a lot of new projects that are happening for me in the city. 


After two great performances from Lauren, Natalie, and Rebecca, More Than/Less Than was selected to move on to the finals of the March Short Play Competition at Manhattan Repertory Theatre with four other plays. The Finals will be this Saturday, March 11th at 9pm at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre. It's voting based, so we hope to have a good turnout. If you can come: here is a link for tickets:
A video of last Saturday's performance will be available, hopefully, by the end of the week. 
Special shout out to all of our friends and family who have come to see it so far and to everyone from Ohio and Otterbein who have given us so much support and love! Special thanks to my mom for being able to make up from NJ. It was the first time we have been able to see each other since August. 


Connor, Evan, Doug, and I were lucky enough to audition for the Magnet Theater's inaugural 10-Minute Play Festival. I am excited to announce that two weeks after making my playwriting debut in NYC, I will be making my acting debut in that Festival in a really funny parody called Cool Chefs Jr. written by Matt Cox, the writer of the off-Broadway musical, Puffs! I will be playing the host of a children's cooking show and I am super pumped to do a fun comedy! The Festival will be performed on Sunday, March 19th at 7:30pm and Sunday, March 26th at 7:30pm at the Magnet Theater. 
Tickets for March 19th can be found here:
Tickets for March 26th can be found here:


The cycle of Stacy and Mia plays will continue to be produced as a new play Periastron was selected as one of five plays for the inaugural Big Apple Theater Festival ran by the producers of the Big Apple Film Festival. The festival will take place in The Kraine Theater, a home to Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway productions. The festival will culminate with two performances on April 8th at 7pm and 9pm. Periastron will feature Natalie Szczerba as Stacy and Lauren Kent as Mia with Evan Moore-Coll directing. Tickets will be going on sale soon!  Check out this cool link to learn more:


I saw four of my favorite shows since I came to New York City. They have continued to inspire me to become a better theater maker and writer. So in no order...
1. Come From Away (Broadway): THANK YOU RANDY ADAMS for bringing an amazing story to the stage that is poignant, heartwarming, heartbreaking, and so funny at the same time. 
2. The Light Years (Playwrights Horizons): THANK YOU THE DEBATE SOCIETY. It's awesome to go to the theater and learn so much history while also being moved by the story of the people in the world. Also, the lights are the most amazing design element I have seen in my life. Kudos to the actors, crew, designers, and to the Debate Society for once again inspiring me to write. 
3. 9 Circles (Sheen Center): As a reader for the final callbacks, this production will have a special place in my heart. I was in the special thanks in the bio and I am so happy to have helped at all. Josh Collins was incredible in the lead role as Daniel Reeves and a true inspiration as an actor. Powerful and moving, Doug and I very much enjoyed this one.
4. See Reverse (Broken Box Mime Theater): Through a connection with Michael, I was able to discover this amazing mime troupe in Manhattan, who perfectly blended all of the exciting, joyful, fulfilling moments of our lives, with all of the confusing, frustrating, and devastating ones. The technique was so clean. The storytelling was so clear. It was the most fun I have had watching anything in a very long time and I hope I can be apart of their community soon! 


-Went and explored the wonderful Pop Tarts Cafe with Natalie before our second performance. And everything was free. WOO! 
-Saw lots of amazing faces from Otterbein visiting on Spring Break. Much love to all of you. A special shout out has to go to Alyssa for sneaking a FaceTime video so Sally could see the opening night performance.
-Rebecca Schafer is debuting her first play in two awesome play festivals and I am super excited for her. Not to mention, the script is hilarious. 
-I am applying for a job. Let's see what happens!
-Shout out to Elizabeth Saltzgiver for being awesome and organizing everything for our showcase. 
-Shout out to Dr. Jessie Glover and Stella Kane for being awesome advisers. My defense for Distinction is at the end of the month.
-Next week, I will finally go to a museum and Central Park. Wow. Two months in and I will finally do it.
-Shout out to the Bells and my parents for obvious reasons.
-Shout out to Shawn. I miss you, brother.
-Shout out to Sally. Two years is a long time. Thanks for putting up with me and being my biggest fan. 

Until next time. 

Have fun and kick ass.

Entry 5: A Wrap Up of a Wild February

WOW. What a month. As you can tell, week 5, 6, 7 are not on here because I have been super busy. Lots of moving parts in the city, mostly good, if not great! But now it's time to catch you up.

I do better with lists, so I will be listing a lot of things. Touching on a lot and giving you a peak into what a crazy month it was! 

- Working hard and working a lot in the office. 
- Lots of scanning, filing, running errands, sending out appointments, and talking to agents, directors, Michael, Alan, who ever. 
- I like responsibilities and I appreciate the challenge of helping the office.
- Thank you to Elizabeth Saltzgiver for those office tasks. They have helped.
- So. Much. Alone. Time. I didn't think this would happen because it is only Michael and I (with the incomparable Alan Filderman, of course), but there have been long stretches where I am holding down the fort by myself. In that time, I have been doing whatever is needed and working on my own writing when there was down time.
- Saw an EPA and another round of auditions. Always important to see that you need to not only be prepared always, but to choose what shows you off in the best light. Also, HAVE FUN.

- More Than/Less Than premieres NEXT Wednesday. SO SO SO SO SO soon. 
- Natalie and Lauren are incredible together. Last night's rehearsal in Shetler was inspiring for me as a writer and it was awesome to see my friends do good work in "the real world."
- Rebecca Schafer is freaking hilarious. Come to the show to see the pajamas.
- Doug has been a great help to have as he helps us set up everything we need and for supplying our cell phone sound. 
- Evan is a great director who didn't brush off a 10-minute play. Instead, he mined it for every bit he could. It's going to be a great show because of his leadership and the incredible performances.
- I have applied for about 5 additional festivals and a residency. We will see what happens soon! 
- Hope to announce another project soon!  

- We had a great weekend of showcase rehearsals and a performance for a great group of alumni. I am glad I got to see some old friends and meet new alums. Keeping in contact with them is going to be super important as the end of internship draws near.
- In all honesty, the showcase performance for alumni was not my best, but we have time. No time to sit and linger about what to do. Just take the notes and move forward. However, I loved performing with my class again and I look forward to the actual performance. It reminds me how much fun performing is...especially with your best friends. 
- Speaking of friends....great times have been had with a few of my great friends from the O'Neill: David and Emma, as well as seeing Olivia Crawford and Jordan in the city. It is also great to spend the night over at Natalie, Evan, and Doug's apartment. Great times with great people keep you from feeling too lonely. 
- Saw the incredible production of If I Forget (twice) at Roundabout Theatre, once with Doug and once with Mark Snyder. Thank you Mark for your incredible advice. It really makes a difference to have an alumnus you can talk to about writing. If I Forget may be my favorite thing I have seen here.
- Giving If I Forget competition would be the awesome production of Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812, which I saw with Jordan. Great music. Great performances. Great dancing. Lots of fun. 
- Other notable productions:  Reduced Shakespeare Company's William Shakespeare's Long Lost First Play, NY City Center's Ring Twice for Miranda, The Dork Knight, and UCB.

- In case you didn't know, I went back to Otterbein for three days to surprise Sally Clark and see all my friends and family. 
- Sally, that was payback for the summer.
- It was awesome to eat breakfast with my dad and Stephanie, as well as Sally, my brother Shawn, and his girlfriend Michelle. 
- I was finally able to see Top Girls, which was well-worth the hype. Not sure if I enjoyed the script as much as the performances. Holy shit. My hat goes off to Daria, Kaylee, Grace, Lauren, Sally, Kara, and Isabel for a FANTASTIC show. Watching your progress from where you started to now was excellent and an honor. Thank you for being great friends to me and for spreading a whole lot of light on that stage. 
- Shoutout to Chris Smith for the rides to and from the airport and for being an amazing friend. Keep writing buddy.
- Kunkel, don't stop making work. Take every comment with a grain of salt and just keep doing it. It is too important and I am proud of you for doing it. 
- Matt Gittins is an AWESOME songwriter. Be on the lookout for him.